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Design Your Own FootballTeam Uniform
   1. We have partnered with Teamworks Apparel to design uniforms online.  Click the link below to start your design process at the Teamworks' site.  Then, rollover the silhouettes to select the sport and gender. Need a little inspiration? Click a "Quick Starts" design and create on one of our most popular templates. 
   2. Select a style; then a design from the image tiles. Each sport has their own. Ready for something really cool? The model's uniform will change with each tile click. Once style and design are set, click the "Customize Selection" button to start bringing your design to life. 
   3. Now the fun really begins. Choose colors, then choose graphics, numbers, text & fabrics, or start with graphics first if you want. Just keep watching the model to see real-time design changes with every mouse click. No one else offers this feature.
   4. Add your team colors, emblems and graphics with ease. Pick your colors from our extensive color pallet. Then choose your graphics from clipart, or build two and three-color emblems from our extensive template library. Add team and player names, and you are done designing. 
  5. Submit your design to and complete the order process. The manufacturer will then assign a special ADV retrieval code to your design, which will be printed in a key code area inside every uniform. Use this code with to make reorders and fill ins.   
  Our prices will be lower for quantities, please call 800-864-0880 to confirm design and get the best price. Please allow 21 days to custom manufacture the uniforms.